Our clients' rights and expectations are outlined in our Client Charter which incorporates our Mission Statement as set out below.

Mission Statement

We, at IHI Care Services, strive to provide reliable, innovative, quality care services that exceed expectations and enable clients to exercise choice in their daily lives.

These values underpin our services:

Inclusion: To include and listen to our customers, and their families, by providing opportunities to influence the services provided. We fulfil this by carrying out comprehensive assessments and listening to our clients needs and matching them to appropriate support workers.

Dignity: All clients will receive a high quality service which will ensure personal dignity. Dignity covers all aspects of daily life including respect, privacy, autonomy and self-worth.

Self-determination: All clients will have individual choice and control over their lives. We will not assume our customers' preferences.

Accessibility: All clients will have access to a range of opportunities for participation, within their communities, which promotes their quality of life.

Person-centered: All our clients will be listened to but most importantly they will be heard and be supported in carrying out their own individual preferences and wishes.

Value for money: To deliver Best Value services which respond to the unique needs of clients, their carers and their communities.

Accountability: To take responsibility for the wide range of quality services we provide to every individual.

Quality of Life: To promote quality of life to our clients by providing highly skilled and trained care staff that have been carefully selected and who share our common ethos.

In addition to the above Mission Statement, our Client Charter also incorporates the following:

Client Confidentiality : All information concerning our clients is treated in a discreet and confidential manner. The only people who may have access to clients' files are healthcare professionals such as GPs, carers and Social Services. A majority of client information held will be in the Care Plan in the client's own home. The rest will be kept securely at our head office. Clients may view our office file by prior notice. A senior member of staff will bring the file out to the client for his/her inspection.

Quality Assurance Programme: We operate a Quality Assurance Programme to ensure that we provide the highest quality of care at all times. At regular intervals our Care Manager or Liaison/Monitoring Officer will visit to ensure that our service provision is being carried out to your satisfaction and that health and safety requirements are being met.

Our Non-Discrimination Policy: We provide a non-discriminatory service. Strict adherence to this policy ensures that clients, care and support workers, and all members of staff, are always treated with equal respect and consideration.

Complaints Procedure: Clients and their family members have the opportunity to express any dissatisfaction they may have. Any complaint received will be handled immediately, sensitively, without future discrimination and will follow a set complaints procedure. We operate an open door policy and are willing to listen to any concerns raised.